Law Firm Papadimitriou - Pimblis and Partners

Environmental Law &
Sustainable Development

Our Firm provides legal advice and engage in environmental litigation before the Council of State and other competent Administrative Courts. With regard to the natural environment, in particular, our lawyers undertake cases of forestry law (determination, forest maps), protected areas (determination, permitted activities, management bodies, protected species), monuments (declaration of monuments and archaeological sites, permitted activities).

The Firm is also very actively involved in cases of sustainable development law, environmental licensing in both private and public projects and issues of environmental responsibility (environmental inspections and fines). A large part of our environmental practice also has to do with man-made environment, where we undertake cases of land planning and urban planning law, we handle issues relating to the preparation and application of regional plans, urban plans, special land development plans (POTA, ZEA), land configuration and reformation, residential and tourist properties, application of urban planning studies, expropriation, as well as lifting urban planning restrictions.

When it comes to related litigation, our Firm is proud to have handled significant projects such as the construction of the Athens Museum, the diversion of Achelloos river, the licensing of Gold Mines in Chalikidki, the application of the Special Framework for Spatial Planning of Aquaculture, plans for water management in Thessalia, Western Sterea, Epirus etc., the protection of Laganas Bay and the National Park in Dadia Forest and the environmental action plan for earthquake research in Ioannina.

Environmental Law & Law of Sustainable Development