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& Insolvency

Over the last few years and because of the financial crisis that has hit Greece, the areas of Restructuring and Insolvency have gained a leading role in the everyday practice of all Corporate & Commercial Law Firms. Our Lawyers have provided legal advice to both ends of the spectrum, i.e. to credit institutions, in their capacity as the majority creditor of almost any insolvent entity, as well as entities in financial distress or insolvency and their existing management and shareholders.

Nikos Pimblis and Nikos Xenoyiannis have negotiated the restructuring of Lambrakis Press S.A. and handled the litigation related to placing Lambrakis Press S.A. under special administration (Law 4307/2014). Our recent experience includes the provision of legal advice to AXON Group, on the procedure for its placement under special administration, and also to a number of majority shareholders and ex-managers of companies under insolvency procedures, focusing on the consequences of such procedures over those individuals, the protection of personal property against corporate debts of the insolvent entity, personal liability towards tax authorities and social security etc.

In addition to the above, Nikos Kanellias was appointed by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission as liquidator of investment firms (Katsoulis Securities, Akropolis Securities, Apex Securities, Sarros Securities) and is currently acting as external litigation counsel to Alpha Finance and Alpha Asset Management. Nikos Xenoyiannis has been licensed as Insolvency Administrator “Διαχειριστής Αφερεγγυότητας” – Category Α΄(all types of entities).

Restructuring & Insolvency