Law Firm Papadimitriou - Pimblis and Partners

Firm Profile

The Firm was established as ‘Papadimitriou Law Office’ in 1985 by the late professor of Constitutional Law, George Papadimitriou. In December 2017, Nikos E. Pimblis joined the Firm as its new Managing Partner and the Firm was renamed “Papadimitriou – Pimblis & Partners Law Firm”.

From the outset, ‘Papadimitriou Law Office’  had focused on the field of Public Law and gained its reputation as one of the most respected firms in Public Law and a pioneer as regards the evolution of Environmental Law in Greece. To this, Nikos E. Pimblis came to add his academic credentials (assistant professor at the Law School of the University of Maine – Maître de Conférences at the Law School of the University of Cergy, Paris, France), his international professional background (associate of Celice et Blancpain, Paris) and his in-depth knowledge of commercial, corporate and financial law (general counsel of the Athens Stock Exchange, ex deputy Managing Partner of Koutalidis Law Firm).

Anna Papadimitriou – Tsatsos and Maria Florou, constitute a team of highly specialized and experienced legal experts in Public Law, whereas Nikos Pimblis, Nikos Kanellias, Nikos Xenoyiannis and Konstantinos Karakostas are active in all aspects of Commercial Law. The Firm, having such a combination of well-known experts in both Public and Commercial Law, offers its clients a considerable advantage in all complex transactions. Such advantage is particularly evident in cases of public procurements, privatization projects, M&As involving state participations and/or a complex regulatory framework, though it is generally necessary in almost all major transactions in the Greek market.